The Best Affordable Christmas Gifts For Kids Under $15

It’s the beginning of December, and you have not started your Christmas shopping yet.  Am I right?  What if I could come up with a list of the best affordable Christmas gifts for kids on Amazon for all the children on your list?  How much easier would that make your life?

Who doesn’t love free shipping in just a couple of days?  Amazon sure has made my life a LOT easier!

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As I mentioned in my last post 7 Guaranteed Things I Am Not Buying For Christmas; I explained how I did not go out shopping on Black Friday.  It is the first time in so many years that I have stayed home, and I was ok with that.  For years, there was always that one thing that I NEEDED to wait in line for 6 hours for.  Now that my children have grown, it doesn’t seem to be that important anymore.  For that, I am grateful.

This year, I shopped my favorite places from my cozy bed with a hot cup of coffee!  No matter what, Amazon is my favorite.

Reasons To Love Amazon

Two Day Shipping

Let’s face it – that two-day shipping as spoiled us all.  Not only two days, but this Holiday Season, even if you don’t have Prime – IT IS FREE!!!  Enough said!

Small Business Support

People who have small businesses can put their products on Amazon for sale.  It isn’t a handmade site like Etsy, but it allows people to buy wholesale and resell at retail prices.

Easy Check-out

Buy with one click.  Or add all the items to your cart and check out in three steps, having your address already there and even your payment information makes the process simple as pie.  Maybe even too simple sometimes (read “overspend much?”).

Everything In One Place

And I mean everything from soup to nuts and socks to tools.  You can find gifts for the entire list all in one place!  Here are all the great ideas I have seen, all for around $15 each!


There are choices for everyone in all price ranges and when you are trying to stick to a budget, these things really matter.  Wanting to buy the best affordable Christmas gifts for kids in your life is important.  Not butchering your budget to do so might be just as important!!

Best Christmas Gifts For Babies Under Two

Wooden Baby Rattle

This is so cute!  BPA free and no phosphates.  This baby rattle is wooden and so adorable!

Mom’s Teething Necklace

Classic design and nobody will know that its a teething necklace.  It is still pretty enough to dress up an outfit!

Knit Owl Winter Hat

Keeping a babies head warm in winter is essential.  This knit owl hat is an excellent gift for anyone, but this one fits the babies!

Plush Giraffe Teether

Everyone knows babies love to put things in their mouths.  This will help when those teeth are coming in!

Organic Cotton Body Suits

There are a lot of choices, but these veggie ones are my favorite!

Organic Tropical Bath/Beach Towel

This will grow with your baby from a swaddle after bathing to a towel at the beach. And the Hawaiian Print is adorable!

Wooden Blocks

These are the classic primary-colored wooden blocks that everyone loved growing up.  There are lots of shapes, and they are great for all ages! One of the best affordable Christmas gifts for kids on my list.

Best Christmas Gifts For Preschoolers

Puzzle Shape Sorter

As a former preschool teacher (for almost ten years) this is my favorite age group to shop for.  This shape sorter puzzle is great for fine motor as well as color and shape recognition.

Lacing Beads

Great for concentration skills as well as more fine motor

Alphabet Aligators

These aligators come in two parts to help match upper and lower case letters.

Egg Matching Shapes and Colors

A fun way to crack eggs open and name the shape and color inside!  Then take them all apart, mix them up and put them all back together again for some fine motor skill work.


Another classic toy that is setting children up for a lifetime love of Legos! And another one of my favorite best Christmas gifts for kids.


These are focus free and designed for kids — a great way to explore the world.

Tool Belt and Tools

There is always something that needs fixing.  These tools are perfect for encouraging imaginary play.

Food Groups Play Food

The things you can do with pretend food!  Another way to encourage imaginary play!

Best Christmas Gifts For School-Age Kids

Crayola Art Case

This organized case keeps all the art supplies in one spot.  And you can’t beat Crayola for quality!

Tetris Wooden Puzzle

An excellent way to get kids off screens for a bit by giving them a live Tetris game!

Pretend Money and Wallet

Being a lover of the cash wallet system, this is a great gift to teach children about cash!  This is a winner in my book!  There is also an additional Play Money Set available as well.

Backyard Explorer Kit

This comes with a magnifying glass, a net, some storage and accessories to explore your backyard with!

Geodes and Crystals

Break open geodes and find real crystals in this kit by National Geographic!


Another classic.  So many benefits to Legos.  We have been a lover of these tiny little blocks for a long time!  You can’t go wrong here!!

Magformers Magnetic Blocks

These come in lots of shapes and colors.  And like Legos, this set can be added and built on.

Bored No More Quiz Book

A book to give kids an idea of what to do when they are bored.  Filled with quizzes to help fill their time!

Mini Robot

This I might have to buy!  It looks like it might be a lot of fun.  It is a little over the $15 target price, but it is that cute.  I wanted to include it. Even though it is a little more, it is still one of the best affordable Christmas gifts for kids coming in around $20.


That’s my list of all the great toys that make me wish I had little ones to buy for!  I am hopeful that someday I will be able to grab all of my best affordable Christmas gifts for kids in my family.  It was my objective to pick toys that were not commercial and current instead pick toys that will pass the test of time and remain classic and relevant for years to come.  Also, I tried to keep the price around $15 or less because well…budgets.

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