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Let me guide you straight into debt freedom by teaching you to save money and live a frugal life!

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How Can I Help You?

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Hi! I’m Sara and I want to teach you how to live a frugal life.

Because I have been frugal all my life and am living my dreams, I will teach you all my insider information.

I am frugal at heart and can stretch a dollar, pinch a penny, and make a budget squeak it’s so tight.

Learn how to be intentional with your money to fulfill your life’s dreams through saving, getting out of debt, and building your legacy.

As a Certified Financial Coach, I teach people how to budget and make a plan for your future.

Learn how to spend less in every area of life and embrace frugality.

Learn simple, frugal recipes that my family loves.

Learn the planning part of getting out of debt from start to success.

Learn that living a simple life and being organized can impact your account balance

You will learn how much better life can be when you are debt free!

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