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If I took a peek into your dinner time frenzy, would I find:

  • ~someone making multiple trips to the grocery store each week just for 1 or 2 days worth of food at a time?

  • ~a tired, busy person standing in front of the white light of the refrigerator hoping elves pop out with a ready made dinner?

  • ~way too many take out Chinese food boxes, Mexican taco wrappers, and pizza boxes overflowing your garbage can? 

It's time to take the anxiety out of meals, cooking, and grocery budgeting and enjoy this time with family and friends.



This ebook and workbook is everything you need to trim your grocery budget to under $200 a month for your family of four, take control of the food in your home, and stay away from those to go containers once and for all (unless it's a planned night of fun).

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