41 Best Christmas Gifts For Teenage Guys in 2020

I have gone through this teenage guy thing three times now.  Christmas gifts get harder and harder (and more expensive) as they get older.  Finding the best Christmas gifts for teenage guys is not so easy.  And then finding a deal on those gifts is even harder.

Let’s jump right in.

With the help of my youngest son (who is 18), I have rounded up 31 of the coolest Christmas presents for teen boys.

Good Gifts For Teen Boys ($50+)

Apple Watch

I am not sure that I know any boy (or mom) who wouldn’t love an Apple Watch.  I keep looking at them myself.  This is at the top of our price range, but if you can swing it, Apple Watches might be one of our coolest gifts.

Custom Gaming Controller

Anytime I have ever asked my boys what they want for Christmas, it always comes down to video gaming.  X Box gift cards or gaming equipment is often (and sometimes the only) thing they want.  So, as Christmas is the season for giving, I found this excellent custom remote. It comes in a lot of different fancy patterns.
Nintendo Switch

My son bought the Nintendo Switch.  I thought it was interested that handheld gaming was still a thing with smartphones having so many possibilities.  It looks like Nintendo is having a comeback!


The boys in my family love a good hoodie.  Pretty sure none of them wear any type of winter coat – they wear hoodies.  By the time they were 16, I stopped fighting with them about it.  Ya gotta pick ya battles, am I right, Mamas?


I’ll be honest with you.  I am about 85% sure that my boys are getting a drone for Christmas this year.  And nobody reads this, so the secret is safe.  These are the coolest things.  I am kind of smitten and can’t wait to see what they can do with it.

Amazon Gift Card

When you just have no idea.  Go with the Amazon Gift Card. Did you know you can buy X Box gift cards with an Amazon Gift Card?!?  Cool, right.

Inflatable Kayak

We re Kayakers in this family and all three boys love being out on the water.  But our kayaks are large and bulky.  These inflatable ones are a lot less and you can get a single seat or 2 seaters for him and a “friend”.

Gifts For Athletic Young Guys

Wireless Ear Buds

There is nothing like a good pair of Bluetooth earbuds. Teen boys love these things – if for no other reason than to drowned ou their mom’s singing in the kitchen.  Wait…is that just here?  My husband has these.  He read through so many reviews on Amazon looking for the best ones for the money.  He has been very happy with these.  Out of over 10,000 reviews, 70% of them are FIVE STAR.

Water Bottle

This might be the coolest water bottle ever! I would love this.  How many guys are at the gym or shooting hoops at the park and have no place for their keys?  You can’t really put them in your pocket!  Or your gym membership card/debit card.  Nobody would ever know!!! This is a great Christmas gift for a teenage guy.

Zipper Pocket Sports Shorts

Work out or sports shorts are a must.  But they must be quick-drying and a zipper pocket is important for things like keys, license, and debit card.

Columbia Waterproof Jacket

Whether he’s stuck in the rain at a track meet or out paddling in the Kayak, a waterproof jacket is essential.  Grab one in the school color or go with the subtle grey.

Electronic And Gaming Christmas Presents For Teenage Guys

Gaming Headset

Because cutting down on the gaming noise as much as possible is a win for all family members involved.  This gaming headset has some pretty sweet features, including a noise-canceling mic and an LED light.  And its a pretty reasonable price, too!

Cooling And Charging Gaming Station

Thes gaming systems get so hot.  If they get too hot, they shut down.  There’s no such fury like a 17-year-old guy who’s system just shut down in the middle of Seige (or for us older generation- Pac-Man).  This is a win for moms and guys alike.  This cooling station keeps the systems cool AND ORGANIZED!  Bonus…it also charges the controllers.

Alexa (Echo Dot)

The boys are definitely getting Echo Dots this year.  We have one in the kitchen, and it’s so useful!  Use reminders, alarms, weather, music, and INTERCOM!!! I wonder if they know about the intercom system?  Not telling them.

Echo Dot Stand

This Echo Dot Stand is an excellent accessory to the Alexa. It keeps it up off the surface and will improve the sound quality.  Plus, it’s attractive!  It reminds me of an old fashioned microphone.

Shower Speaker

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker would be great not only for the shower but also the lake or pool, boat or camping.

Bedside LED Lamp & Speaker

Anytime something changes colors, I want it!  Add a speaker to it, and it goes into my cart.  This LED lamp is another item I found that I will be grabbing for my middle son.  I think he would really like this.  And it’s a touch on/off.

Portable Charger

We have a few of these portable chargers in our house.  They work great for camping trips and colleges.  Perfect for cell phones and laptops.  I am heading on a bus trip to a wine tasting event in two weeks and bringing one of ours.

Wireless Phone Charging Pad

I think these are very cool.  But how great to not have to wrestle with the wire and plug your phone in when you are half asleep?  A great gift for anyone on your list with a phone.
Vibrating Alarm Clock

I am sure that my youngest is getting this as a gift this year.  And I need to find a way to make it go off when I am downstairs and I need him to get up.  With distance learning being a thing lately, he is sleeping way too late.

Clothes And Comfortable Christmas Gifts For Teen Guys


There are so many great T-Shirts out there with these funny sayings on them.  This one is a favorite of mine and what teenage boy doesn’t like a shirt with a sarcastic saying on it, right?

Bluetooth Hat

This is a very cool hat.  Seriously.  I wish my son would wear a hat like this.  He has great (long) hair and this would look so cool on him!  Plus, it’s got speakers in it.


We all love a good pair of slippers in this house.  When you have no carpet, you need something to keep your feet warm here in Upstate NY.  I think we all get new ones each Christmas!


My middle son LOVES socks and these Taco Socks are perfect.  These are in my cart.

Bed Pillow

I am pretty sure I am asking for this.  A bed pillow like this is perfect for reading (me) or gaming (boys).  I love the neck roll feature on this one – something I have not seen before.

Gaming Blanket

For those chilly holiday vacations when they are up way too late playing Terraria, they are going to need a cozy blanket.  This one is so cute – er… cool!!

Stocking Stuffers For Teenage Guys

Clip-On Light

Just this past week, my youngest was in bed doing something and the lighting wasn’t great.  I thought, “He needs one of those clip-on light things!” and so, I added this to my list.  Sometimes, a little task lighting is needed.

Adjustable Phone Holder

This long neck adjustable phone holder would come in handy for so many things.  Watching Youtube while doing homework is NOT one of them.

Lip Balm

Even guys need to protect their lips in the cold of winter.  This is our favorite lip balm – Burts Bees.  And the mango is good enough to eat!

Spotify Gift Card

Apparently, Spotify is a lot cooler than Pandora or Amazon Music or Sirius XM (because we have all of these and my boys won’t listen to them).  They need something way cooler than what their parents listen to!  So Spotify Gift Cards, it is.  #buyyourownmusic


These silly little phone accessories are really convenient.  A couple of us have Popsockets and I never thought they were that great until my husband got one.  They work as a kickstand and as a way to hold onto your phone if you happen to be a little clumsy.  Another reason these are a MUST for teen boys!


My youngest loves lanyards for his keys.  I think every time he goes someplace, he gets one as a souvenir.  They sure are convenient and functional.  I think I might pick this one up for his stocking.


These are a great gift idea but they have to be cool sunglasses like these aviator sunglasses.  They can’t be cheesy (unless your teen is purposefully into cheesy).  Don’t forget to add a case or a visor clip to hold them.


A good quality wallet is a must for any young man.  And if you can find one that he might think is pretty cool, then you have scored big time.  This worn leather wallet is similar to the ones all the boys in my family like.

Games For Young Men

Magnet Ball Game

This caught the attention of my son when looking through Amazon for this post.  Pretty sure I am adding this to the Christmas list.  This magnetic ball game is great as a fidget toy and stress reliever.  Just remember – this has small parts so keep it away from littles.

Cash And A Brain Teaser

Giving cash might be every teen’s best gift but sometimes, you want to do a little something extra.  Why not make them work for it with this brain teaser puzzle?  My son got one of these a few years ago and it was fun to unlock the money.

Hookey Ring Toss

Another gift that caught the eye of my youngest and he mentioned this would be a good choice for the list.  A ring toss game that you can hang on the wall so when they need a break from homework or cleaning their room, they can toss some rings!  Reminds me of something from the county fair.

Car And Snack Gifts For Teen Boys

Snack Box

I don’t know any teen guy who wouldn’t love getting this huge box of snacks as a gift.  Chips, jerky, candy, and bars fill this box.  If you just don’t know what to get a teenage boy and you don’t want to go with money, snacks are the next best option.  One of my favorite go-to gifts for teenage guys.

Car Care Kit

I love that this car cleaning kit comes with the wipes.  My boys like the ease of the cleaning wipe much better than a spray.  And what guy doesn’t like a clean car?  If only their rooms were as clean as their cars.

Car Charger USB Port

This charger is great because it has two USB ports and its flat.  It’s not so obtrusive and looks good, too.

That’s it.  That is my list.  I hope you found one or two gifts for the teenage guy in your life.  Please check out the Best Affordable Gifts for Kids, too!

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  1. I got the “I paused my game to be here” for the “stepson” last Christmas and it got a good chuckle out of him. ?

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