7 Guaranteed Things I Am Not Buying For Christmas

I am coming to you on Black Friday from my cozy clothes on the couch having a glorious cup of coffee.  This is the first time in 25 plus years that I did not go out shopping on BF!  I just didn’t want to get out of bed and brave the record-breaking frigid temperatures (0 degrees) for something I NEEDED to buy – in person.  I enjoyed my favorite beverage while doing some shopping from the comforts of my cozy bed! So, that act of sheer laziness inspired me to write this post about the other things I am not buying for Christmas!

And I may never go out again!

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Most of you that have known me for any more than 11 seconds knows that I REALLY love Christmas!  There isn’t one thing that doesn’t make me light up like a Christmas Tree this time of year.  But if you have been reading the blog, you may also know that our house is intentionally small.  So there isn’t a whole lot of space to store much.  Here are the things that I either do not own or do not plan to buy this year.

China wear – plates, glasses, cookie jars, mugs, salt, and pepper shakers

I have a lovely set of Fiestaware that I have collected over the years.  There are five different colors that I can use for Thanksgiving an Christmas by adding or omitting one color for each holiday.  So there is never any reason for me to buy Christmas dishes or and other glassware that is just for one day.  Adding a pretty little paper napkin to set the holiday tone makes enough of a statement for the celebration.

Matching pj’s or outfits

We as a family have never done this.  We have never taken a photo for the Christmas Cards with all of us sitting around the tree in our matching jammies.  I have gotten cards like this, and they are the most precious cards ever, but its just not our thing!  We also do not buy new or matching Christmas clothes either.  We all have some very nice things in our closets that will do just fine!

Christmas gifts for pets

I love my dog, Bella.  She is the greatest dog ever.  I also adore my grand-dog, Brooke, too.  But I do not buy them Christmas gifts.  We have had Bella for 13 years, and she seems to be ok with it.  Let me ask her…Yup.  She’s good!

New themed Christmas ornaments for the tree

I have seen some Vloggers on Youtube decorate some AMAZING trees.  Each year, they pick a different theme or color scheme, go out and buy new decor, and decorate their tree.  I am here to tell you, I have had the same decorations for a very long time.  Some from when my boys were babies!  I am not saying I don’t buy new Christmas decorations to add to my tree if I see something that I love, but my tree is pretty full, and each ornament has a special place in my heart.

Stuff for myself

Ah.  This one is hard to admit.  Because I did not go out on Black Friday this year, I did not expose myself to all the fantastic deals.  The Great Boot Sale at JC Penny.  The most adorable sweaters at Old Navy.  The Michael Kors purses and wallets at the outlet stores.  I have to tell ta, guys, I am pretty dang frugal.  But I also love a good bargain, and I like nice things.  It is not out of the ordinary for me to “Christmas Shop” for myself on Black Friday.  Except for this year!  Shopping from my bed in my jammies was great.  Not only did it save me money by not buying for myself, but it also saved me from leaving the house.

Never have I thought this would be me, but my days of going out on Black Friday might just be over.  I feel a little sad about that.

But so happy with all the money I saved!!

Christmas decor

I usually decorate the Monday after Thanksgiving but this year might be a bit earlier.  The day the decorating will happen is still a tad unclear, but the amount of Christmas decor that brings me joy is not.  All of the decorations that I have right now, I love.  And there is nothing that I need.  Keep it simple and only store what you love for the following year.  If you know there is something that you want for next year, make a list and find it when it all goes on sale after Christmas!  No matter when I do, it will all be done by December first.  I wrote a blog post on how I manage to get it all done by the beginning of December.  You can find that here!

Outdoor decor

I love trimming the outside of my house in simple white lights, hanging wreaths on the windows, and adding a tree in each corner.  I have been doing the same outside decor for years.  It still works for me, and I think its the prettiest house on the street!  We don’t need anything else so I won’t be buying any outdoor decorations this year.  Again, keeping it simple.

Cards and wrapping paper

I may have enough wrapping paper, tags, ribbons, and cards to last a very long time or maybe ten-ish years.  At least for this year, I do not need to buy a single thing. There is zero possibility that I will buy any wrapping paper this year.  I can safely say that there is a very low possibility that I will be buying any of this in any after Christmas sales this year for next year either.  Using what I have whether I love it or not.

A Christmas tree

Our fake tree is showing her age.  We have had her for about 13 years.  Her pre-lit lights are half blown so we have to add string lights to her and her branches are fragile because of seasons of fluffing. But the old girl still has it.  I thought last year about buying a new Christmas tree and then decided to push it for one more year.  I am going to push it again this year.  I have grown fond of her, and she understands my love for her special time of year.  Maybe just one more year!

holiday printables

Lastly, anything that will be on deep discount AFTER Christmas

As I go through this Holiday season, I will take note of anything I am running low on or need to replenish (or replace), so after Christmas, I can find it at 60-70% off.

If you celebrate and take part in Christmas and are also trying to get out of debt, there isn’t any reason to spend unnecessarily. These are things you do not have to invest.  Christmas needs to be low stress and high excitement.

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