7 Hacks To Save At The Grocery Store

Food is expensive.  That is a given.  There are a lot of tips and tricks out there on Pinterest and in some great blogs on how to save at the grocery store.  Everyone knows a couple of ways to save if you ask them.  There are even videos on youtube on grocery store hacks.  Here are six grocery store hacks.

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Look at the price per ounce or pound

Apples, specialty potatoes, carrots are sometimes cheaper per ounce or pound than sold in a bag.  Weight the bag of carrots and compare them to individual carrots sold by the pound. Also, check out dried food bins.  Some foods such as rice and oats could be cheaper than the boxes or bags.

Pre-cut fruits and veggies are a pass

Cut up your fruits and veggies.  You will save so much money!  The only way I buy the pre-cut stuff is if there is a discounted sticker on it.  Even then, you need to double-check and compare costs.

Store brand vs. national brand

Be open to the store brand.  Don’t always be brand loyal.  I have to say; there are some things that I can’t get past.  Let’s chat about mayonnaise for a minute.  I have tried ALL of the organic mayo’s.  Many of you know that I lean toward organic foods for my family.  But I just can’t find a mayonnaise that beats Hellmann’s Mayonnaise.  I have tried and tried. Nothing else compares.  That might be the only store brand I will not stray.  Many times other store brands are genuinely comparable to the national brand. Be open to trying them out.

Discount stickers on meat

A few weeks ago, I was in Aldi, and it was almost closing time.  The manager had brought up two family size pork chops to the cashier and set them next to her.  I was next in line after another lady and when I was almost to the end of my groceries. The cashier asked me if I wanted them for 70% off!  Of course, I said yes!!!  They were getting close to their expiration date but had not expired.  So I got two family packs of pork chops for around $5 for both, and I brought them home and put them in the freezer.  The best time to find the yellow discount deals in my area is in the evening. If you can find it in your schedule to swing by your grocery store around eight or nine o’clock at night, you might score some great deals. Also, consider buying the whole chicken instead of just the breast.  You will still get the chicken, but you can also use it for more meals.  They don’t “call it a rubber chicken for nothing”!

Stock up on a good sale

Again, I am using Hellmann’s mayonnaise as an example.  Around y area, it costs about $4 a jar.  But around July 4th, it goes on sale.  I currently have six jars on my shelf because I know that it rarely goes on sale any other time at these prices.  My target price is $2.99, but I may go up to $3.50.  This goes for anything non-perishable.  Stock up when the price is reasonable. There are better times to buy certain foods.  Many stores in this area will have can sales in January.  All condiments and meats usually go on sale during the summer for BBQ’s and picnics, holidays and camping.  If you can invest in the time, shop the flyers!

Buy in bulk

Skip the individually packaged snacks and create your to-go bags.  Those little bags are too expensive, and you don’t need to spend all that money.  If you just don’t have the time to create your snack bags, consider a warehouse store like Costco, Bj’s or Sam’s Club.  Ask a friend with a membership to take you along if you don’t have one.  Back to school time is the best time to buy the prepackaged lunch snacks.  And maybe stock up!

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Use caution

Grocery stores are known for their manipulation tactics.  Stay awake to their marketing ploys and shop smart, not comfortable.  Check out this blog post to learn more about grocery store manipulation: How Grocery Stores Trick You Into Spending More


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