Ways To Save Money In The Summer

I am always trying to find ways to save money, all year long.  But saving money in the summer always comes a little easier!  This is the perfect season to save some money!  I love this time of the year for finding ways to save where I usually can’t.  It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy!  Here are a few of my favorites.

Clothes Line.

There is something magical about the way clothes and bedding smell after they have been hanging outside in the sun and summer air!  I love hanging my sheets outside and then crawling into bed after making it back up.  It almost smells like sleeping outside.  And the fact that it is FREE makes it even more magical.  The only downside is how stiff the clothes feel after you take them off the line.  If you are not a fan of fabric softener, you could try adding white vinegar to the wash load. It does help a little.  Honestly, the amount of propane I save over the summer from hanging out my clothes, I can get over it! Except for the towels.  Those are not pleasant after they have been hung on the line.  They go in the dryer.  No argument.

Cooking Outside.

We all know this is the grilling season and there is nothing like it.  From fish and chicken to veggies and even pizza, grilling your food is pretty fantastic. I know some friends who will also cook when its 30 below zero outside. Yup. Standing on their deck with 40 feet of snow, six layers of clothes on, shivering like crazy for a grilled steak.  We don’t do that.  But we do like cooking outside.

I have a big Nesco Cooker (I think its 18 quarts) that can cook a whole turkey in, and I often use that outside!  I have baked brownies, muffins, and banana bread right inside it. This way, you don’t have to heat up the kitchen and spend all that money on air conditioning trying to cool it back down. We run a long lead cord out to the gazebo and let it cook.  Who says you can’t bake brownies when it 97 degrees outside?

Farmers Markets and Roadside Stands.

In my area, farmers markets are not very cheap, but my friend Heatherlivesin Baltimore and her farmer’s markets are AMAZING!  She can get boxes of veggies for so cheap!  She is also a great cook, so her Instagram is pretty great!  Where I live, we have tow large farmers markets on each side of our town, and they are pretty pricey.

Now, I don’t mind paying the organic farmer cash right in his hands.  I am all for it but when you are trying to cut back and get out of debt, stay on budget, or save for something special, to need to take care of you first.  We have roadside stands all over our area.  Some farms just put their products in a cooler with a can inside for money.  All based on the honors system.  You can get cucumbers 4 for a dollar and tomatoes for .50each. Shop in the season to save.

Plays And Music In The Park.

This is one of my favorite things to do in the summer!!  Sometimes we pack a picnic or stop and get subs first. We have a few places around us that play music and then others that have plays.  My very favorite is every year, around our anniversary, they have Shakespeare in the Park.  They do such a great job, and it makes me so happy!  I look forward to it every summer.  It makes a great date night!  Every Thursday night out at the lake, they have bands that play in the park. It’s a very family-friendly atmosphere and again, its FREE!  We like to walk around the lake and do some people watching also.  Of course,  grabbing a coffee is always a bonus!

Grow Your Food.

I will admit it.  I am not a gardener.  My mom, she is a gardener!  Hardcore!  She cans all of her veggies. She makes pickles and jams and cans her tomato sauce.  Mostly, I ride the shirt tales of all my friends who have anything extra.  My friend Catherine and her daughter have the gift.  I already put my name on their list for anything they won’t use!  But, if you have a green thumb or even a green thumbnail, you could grow your own.  I have seen people grow things in buckets or flower boxes and I may have to revisit this soon.  We do have my blueberry, raspberry, apple and pear trees.  The berries are doing great.  The apple trees don’t have an apple on them this year, and the pear is too young.

Turn Off Cable.

Just for the Summer!  You are busy.  There is always so much to do in the summer, and all of our favorite shows are on repeat anyway.  Friends of ours, Kevin and Fay, go down to just the local channels every summer.  Cutting back saves them so much each year.  They live on the river, so they spend all their time outside boating or entertaining.  They don’t have time to watch much tv anyway.  So why pay for it!!!  They have to local channels to catch up on the news and any Summer tv specials which is plenty for them.  Maybe, it would also give you the perfect opportunity to see how it feels to cut back the cable.  You might find that you don’t want to turn it back on!  Think of the money you would save, then!

Summertime is a great time to save some money. There is always so much to do, and there is also the possibility of lots of added fun.  Because some of this fun will come with added expense, why not cut down on other things to make room in the budget for more fun???








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