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My Favorite Bargains To Buy At Dollar Tree

My Favorite Bargains To Buy At Dollar Tree

Have you ever been to the Dollar Tree?  I just love it there!  For those of you that don’t know, the Dollar Tree is a store where everything is a dollar or sometimes less.  I try not to go unless I need something. It is so easy to drop $20 even though everything is only a dollar.  But there are some prices that can’t be beaten!  Here are a few of my favorite bargains to buy at Dollar Tree!

Party supplies

Paper plates, napkins, cups, plastic forks, knives, and spoons in all colors are excellent bargains to buy at Dollar Tree, too.  This is the best place to pick these up.  The prices are the best.  Many times they also have plastic serving bowls and platters.   They even carry plastic wine and champagne glasses.


You cannot compare Dollar Tree cards to anyplace else. Seriously.  The only way you can give a card to Aunt Peggy any cheaper is to make it yourself with printer paper and your kid’s crayons!  All my cards come from Dollar Tree.  With prices at a dollar each or even TWO FOR A DOLLAR, why would you spend $4 (or more) at Target?  I mean, you know I love me some Target, but you also know I am tighter than bark to a tree!!

Scrubbies and cleaning gadgets

My spelling and grammar software is freaking out about the word “scrubbies,” but I don’t know what the are called.  They are those round metal pot scrubbers that are fantastic for cleaning burnt on peppers and onions in a cast iron skillet that my husband scorched while cooking them outside on the grill.  It took DAYS to get that pan clean.  But hey, it didn’t heat up the kitchen so, win!!! I also buy all my scrub brushes of any kind there.  Anything I need to wash dishes or scrub a floor, I get them from DT!

Organizing containers

I love organizing containers!  Each season, Dollar Tree brings out new colors.  If you find a specific color, snag more than you think you might need because you never know if that color will disappear.  You can always return them.  Just double check your store’s return policy first.  They also often have a beautiful collection of the clear acrylic drawer organizers as well.  I found almost an exact match to the one in my utility drawer for a LOT less cheap than I bought it.  Here is the link on that if you are interested.

Purse size tissues and some toiletries

I know.  Yes, I said purse size tissues.  I am a fan of those small travel size pouches of tissues.  And I am not beneath Frozen or Spiderman themed ones, either.  Sometimes they have a ten pack for a dollar.  Those are the BEST! And it doesn’t matter if it is that cute cartoon girl who wants to be a vet!!  I also like to grab flossers and dental floss, too.  Always a good price.

A lot of the stuff for car organizing are some of my favorite things to buy at the Dollar Tree.  I got my pen cup, dental floss, the water bottle, and my little clear flip top boxes that I use for hair accessories.  These used to hold cotton swabs, but I took them out and put them in the bathroom because I just wanted the box.

There are many things that I don’t buy at the Dollar Tree like food and zip bags.  I don’t think that the zip bags are a bargain and we tend to lean more toward organic. Also, toothpaste and toothbrushes, soap, and shampoos usually are cheaper at Walmart.