The Relationship Between Self Care And Financial Wellness


Stress has a direct effect on the body and mind.  It is understood that stress can cause headaches and exhaustion, but some believe it can also cause weight gain, muscle, and joint aches, as well as diseases.  Self-care can help.

Debt is stressful.  When you are always wondering how you are going to pay the electric bill because your checking account is in the negative again, you are stressed.  Or that beautiful SUV that you drive every day is making you chose whether to pay its payment or buy groceries, so you just put those groceries on the credit card.

Getting out of debt is stressful, also.  Because you have to restructure not only your mind but your habits and behaviors.  It might be fun for some at first.  Having long-term goals can be hard.  Getting out of debt is not usually something that can be done in two days, two weeks or even two months.  We, as consumers have racked up too much debt to receive instant gratification from this one.

To get out of debt, you have to be dedicated and intense about your goals.  That means a long-term commitment.

This is where self-care comes in to play

We need to take care of ourselves.  We need a way to decompress regardless of whether you are a mom, a dad, a partner, or single.  Whether you are working a deadline at work, taking care of little, dealing with an aging parent or grandparent, or getting out of debt.

Taking care of yourself is going to make you a better human.  It will allow you to relax for a minute, enjoy being you, and return to the task at hand with vigor and enthusiasm!

Self-care doesn’t need to cost a lot.  It may not need to cost anything, or it could cost a couple Benjamin’s.  No matter the price tag, it is a necessary component to life.  Self-care needs to be a priority.

Financial Wellness

Financial wellness, for me, means less about the actual budget and bill paying and more about your relationship with money itself.  How do you feel about money?  Do you think that it is the root of all evil?  Do you believe in “mo’ money, mo’ problems”?

Or do you welcome money into your life, feel grateful for every penny, and chose to do small, kind tasks with it?

Financial Wellness, for me, is not about having a lot of money.  It is about being grateful for what you do have and being able to manage it with grace.  If you were to control someone else’s money for them, would you do it the same way you handle yours?

Take the time to care for you, so you are less stressed about your money and have a calm mind to continue your debt free journey.

Here are some of my favorite self-care ideas for under $30

~Book and coffee.

My very favorite is a couple of hours at home with nobody around but a good book and a cup of coffee.  De-stressed and blissful.

Cost $0

~ A pedicure.

There is not much that can beat a good foot rub for me.  I will forgo eating meat for days if it means having money for a pedicure.  Many places around me offer a pedicure for $25, and they may not be the best spas, but they do a pretty good job.

Cost, with tip $30

~ A few quiet minutes in a chair near water.

Whether it be at the ocean, near a pool, a lake or river water has an amazing effect on the mind.  It doesn’t even matter what the weather is. If you can find water and just sit for a while, you will feel renewed, mind body and spirit.

Cost $0

~Lunch with a good friend.

Have lunch with someone who renews your spirit and gives you faith in humanity.  Think about the kindest person you know and ask them to meet for lunch.  Decide that there will be no negative talk the entire time.  There will be no shop talk or complaints.  Just talk about all the good in the world, laugh a little, and chat about hopes and dreams.  You will leave feeling great!

Cost under $30

~A movie with someone you love.

It can be your husband, your child, or your dog but curl up on the couch, find a happy movie on Netflix and pop some popcorn or open the chips and dip.  Just give yourself a couple of hours to not think about anything else nut how funny Melissa McCarthy is!

Cost $0

~Book and coffee out.

I love bookstores.  I love bookstores more if they also serve coffee.  If I need to escape for a few hours, I will head to Barnes and Noble, grab a Grande Soy Latte and spend some time running my fingers through the books (.  There is something very peaceful and calming to my soul about the smell of coffee and books all mixed.  Grab a couple of magazines and flip through them while you are finishing up.  It’s ok.  They don’t mind!

Cost $4.89

~A walk.

Most towns or neighboring towns have a great walking path.  I have one to the north and one to the south, both about twenty minutes from me.  It is so beautiful to get outside when you are feeling stressed or anxious and just breath the outside air.  Take an audiobook (rented from the library), a podcast, some music, or nothing at all and lose yourself for a bit.  Allow yourself to not think. Chose to let go of all negativity and fill your mind and heart with joy.  Just for that hour.  If you don’t have a walking path, just walk out your front door.

Cost $0

Taking some time for self-care is essential no matter what stage of life you are in and no matter what challenges you have ahead of you.  Self-care will help you create a state of financial wellness for yourself and your thought about money.

Financial wellness is the entire package.  Self-care directly relates to that.  If you are stress-free, you can create financial wellness for your self and your family.

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4 thoughts on “The Relationship Between Self Care And Financial Wellness”

  1. blank

    You know for years I ignored self care as I was so busy robbing peter to pay paul that I did not take care of myself. Now in my debt pay off strategy I have more fun. It is about living and paying, not paying and living. I am just learning not to debt while I do this.

  2. blank

    I know that as I have gotten older, I understand so much more how important these moments are to both my mental and physical health. Thanks so much for your comment, Kim!!!

  3. blank

    Taking care of yourself is going to make you a better human.  

    ^ this. Oh my heavens, this.

    My favourite self-care idea lately is to either a) go for a walk outside with an audiobook (I take them out from my library, so they are free) or b) spend time working on my current creative writing project (a silly hockey romance haha) at my favourite Starbucks (so, $6 for a drink). I love the items you have one your list and I may try out a few of them!

    I really liked this post a lot. Thanks for the reminders 🙂

  4. blank

    Starbucks is my favorite!! Taking care of yourself is something many of us forget about. We are so busy taking care of everyone and everything else! Thanks for stopping in Tara! Always nice to see you!!!

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