19 Cheap Christmas Gifts For Women (Under Two Dollars)

Christmas is hard when you are trying to get out of debt and are throwing every extra penny at the Debt Snowball!!  Your dedication to this thing is super impressive.

You are gazelle intense and it shows.  I can’t imagine you are thinking that you could squeeze in even a small cheap Christmas gifts for women you adore in your life, but you can!

But, if you fail to plan for Christmas gifts, I have some ideas.  You can also check here for a full gift guide to all my Christmas Gift Posts.

Sometimes, you want to pick up something small for a friend or family member for Christmas but you have spent all your money already or you just never had any, to begin with.  Instead of baking or creating something, Grab one or two of these cheap Christmas gifts for women I found on Amazon.

How can you afford to buy Christmas gifts when you are broke?  

You look for the nicest gifts for the cheapest price!

I have compiled this list of the cheapest Christmas gifts I could find on Amazon (that are really nice, too) so you don’t have to spend too much to show the woman you love that you were thinking of her this holiday season.

Christmas Gifts When You Are Broke

$1 And Under

Feather Earrings

Fancy Soap

Wristlet Wallet

Sunflower T-Shirt

Rose Gold Music Note Coffee Spoon

Cell Phone Charms

Holiday Presents When You Have No Money

Under $2

Gold Bee Hair Clips

Pink Nail Polish

Coffee Socks

Christmas Wine Charms


EOS Hand Lotion

Organic Lip Balm

Safety Pen Light

Fancy Pen

Lindt Dark Chocolate

Adult Coloring Book

Tea Strainers

Glass Nail File

Any of these cheap Christmas gifts for women would be great stocking stuffers.  They could be combined or paired with a homemade gift as well.  Most important, they show that even though you do not have a lot of money to spend, you were thinking about that person and wanted to give them something during this Christmas season.

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