10 Best Tips to Master a Money Mindset


Money mindset seems to be one of those popular fad buzzwords of the 21st century.  But there is some substance to it. There is such an emotional charge to the topic of money.

People’s relationship with money can vary, but many times it carries with it strong emotions. Rich people are selfish, evil, or crooked.  Money is the root of all evil. I will never be rich.

I have heard so many people say they just want “enough.” Enough to pay their bills and have a little spending money in their pockets.

But what if you could have more?  What if you could have enough for those things AND create a scholarship in your dad’s name, donate a box of food to the food pantry each month, and pay for Financial Peace for the young, struggling couple at your church?  

If you had those opportunities, would you pass it up?  How would more money improve your life?


What is a Money Mindset?

A money mindset is your attitude and beliefs about money.  It controls how you handle personal finance and guides you in making every single financial decision you make. 

If you can understand your mindset and where it comes from, you can improve your relationship, make better choices, and look toward a healthier financial future.   Its time to get physical and work on some money mindest exercises.

Understand your relationship with money.

Where did you learn about money, and what were you taught? Merely understanding where your money concepts come from is the first step in changing your money mindset.  

Creating a new money mindset is just creating a new habit. Merely being conscious of the new practice that you would like to form and attaching it to an existing habit.

Financial wellness is a real thing.  Having a healthy financial relationship means that your money mindset is positive, with limited stress.  


Be aware of your limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are simply the ideas you have in your head from WAY back.  They could be from your parents and the ways they communicated about money.

Is that where you heard things like, “Money doesn’t grow on trees, ya know!” or “Do you think I’m made of money?”

Were you always reminded that they didn’t have enough money or that you needed to work hard to make more?

Were there money fights?  Did you decide that money was associated with scarcity and anger?

Limiting beliefs come from our parents, our own experiences, and stories we have heard from others.

These are beliefs about money that drives our financial choices.  Most of the time, we are not even aware of them.

How to create a positive money attitude.

Forgive yourself for past money mistakes.

I think this one is the most difficult.  Nobody is perfect, right? So, maybe you got in too deep and had to file bankruptcy, or your car was repossessed. 

Stuff happens, and forgiving yourself for those incidences is so vital to changing that money mindset.

Also, knowing that there will be other mistakes, and you have the tools to get through those moments BECAUSE of what you have learned from the past will get you through these other mistakes. 

But, make sure you have learned something. ANd put resources into place in case they happen again.

Appreciate what you have.

Practice gratitude for who and what’s around you.  I know this sometimes feels awkward, but trust me when I say, it works. 

Make a list of things that you are grateful for.

It could be simple like the sheets on your bed or as profound as the work your husband goes to every day while putting himself in harm’s way to save others. 

Many people choose to do this first thing in the morning or right before bed at night.  I don’t think it matters, but doing it as often as you can only benefit you.

Even when you are feeling negative about work or family, taking the two minutes to write down as much as you can to be grateful for will turn your mindset upside down.

Appreciate what you already have.  To break the scarcity mindset, you need to be grateful for what you already have.  If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never have enough.

Be grateful. Practice contentment.

Allow yourself time to daydream.

Allowing yourself to daydream a little is putting what you want out into the universe. 

Asking is the first step in getting. So deciding what you want first by way of dreaming big dreams lets you pick positive concepts to go after.  You do not know how to get there; you just need to know what you want.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

You only have control over you. 

You cannot control others.

You control what you think and how you feel. 

So, without all of the information, you do not know what your neighbor has or doesn’t have. Yep, that’s a great new Cadillac in the driveway of their big, fancy house.

They now have so much debt; they are putting groceries on credit cards hoping that this one won’t be declined. Because the other two are maxed out.

Or, that is a five-year-old Cadillac. Her Mama just passed away.  That car used to be hers, and it holds her Mama’s memory inside it.

You don’t know, and frankly, it’s none of your business.  You take care of you.

Exercise your financial muscle.

There are some fantastic mindest experts out there just waiting for you to find them.  Read their books. Listen to their podcasts. Watch them on youtube.

The more you hear and immerse yourself in, the more excited you will get, and the motivation will easily flow.  

Who doesn’t love exercises, right?  Get inspired by these favorites and get pumped.

Check out Bob Proctor, Abraham Hicks, Jen Sincero, and Marie Forleo.  


Chose abundance over scarcity.

Once you realize that the universe is full of abundance, and there is enough money for everyone, you will find the ease that your money mindset is transformed.

Scarcity means there isn’t enough for you.  It means that there isn’t enough money for you to have all you want.

Scarcity comes from a place of lacking.

You think you are not worthy.  And you feel that financial freedom could never really happen to you.


Abundance means that there is plenty for everyone. It’s not coming from greed but an overflowing cup.

Having an abundance mindset stems from a place of love and focuses on the big picture.

Coming from a place of abundance will help transform your money mindset.


Focusing on abundance will squeeze out any negative feelings that might creep back in from your old thoughts and beliefs.

Create your goals.

I love goals.  I am very goal-oriented.  And I like time limits, too!  Creating financial goals can assist the money mindset process. 

Even if they are the smallest goals, those will shift the way you feel about your money.  If you think that you never have enough money and you are not good at managing it, try a spending freeze for one day.

Decide that you will not spend any money today.  That is an achievable goal. Bring your lunch to work, don’t stop for coffee before work, and come up with a plan for dinner that night, so there are no “emergency stops” at the grocery store or pizza deliveries to your door.

Then write it down and put it where you will see it.  Stick that goal to your computer screen or make it your wallpaper on your phone.  Just make it visible.

Then, after the boost in confidence, when you achieve that goal, set a bigger goal.  Little by little, you will be accomplishing great things, and your financial life will start to change. 


Believe that you can achieve and build wealth.

Sincerely, believe it.  Believe it down to your core.  Find your faith in yourself, put your mind to it, and get it done.  But if you don’t believe it, you don’t stand a chance.

Do you want to be a millionaire in ten years, then think you will be and find the ways to make that happen.  Take the steps needed to set those wheels in motion.

Do you want to start your own business?  How about creating a Fitness Blog? Become a plumber, maybe?  So, what do you need to get there, and what steps can you do TODAY to make that happen?

The “fake it til ya make it” cliche can reign true.  If you can practice these thoughts over and over again – and BELIEVE what you are saying, you will open the door to these big goals.


End finance stress.

Budget.  There. I wrote it.

The best way to not be stressed about money and to create a money mindset that gives you peace is to tell your money exactly where to go.  

There is a sense of total control when you know where your money is going, the exact amount of money you have and owe, and you have allocated a destination for every single dollar.

Budgeting is the right key to forming a positive relationship with money.  Knowing that you are the boss of where your money goes puts you in the driver’s seat.

Do boys need new sneakers? There’s money for that. Is Car registration due?  Got it. Vacation to the beach? All set. Stress-free living – a beautiful money mindset.

Ignoring your finances will not improve your money mindset.  It will just make it so much worse.

Having a financial plan to save money, build an emergency fund, and keep track of what’s in your bank account will improve not only the way you feel about money but your entire financial situation in the short term and the long run. 

Create a mantra.

When I hear the word mantra, I am always reminded of the book (and movie) The Help by Katheryn Stockett.  Aibileen often whispers to the little girl she is caring for, “You is kind.  You are smart. You are important.” Now, that is a great mantra!

A mantra is just a sentence or two that you repeat over and over until you believe it to be true.

Harv Eker writes a declaration at the end of each chapter of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (one of my favorite books – review found here) where he asks you to place your hand on your heart and say a few words.

It could be something like, “I have a millionaire mind!” or “I love to exercise!” Check out my list above for some Money Mantras that will get you started.

To create a good money mantra, you need a few key points. It needs to be short and straightforward. It needs to be about money, and out needs to be positive.


Examples of Money Mantras:

  • Money comes easily to me.
  • I love money and money loves me.
  • I am a money magnet.
  • I am connected to the universal supply of money.
  • Money is not pie.  There is enough for everyone.


Give yourself some grace.

And finally, go forward with grace in your heart.  Do not beat yourself up for your past or future mistakes.  Remember, your thoughts control your behaviors.

So, if you THINK you are good with money and you BELIEVE you are good with money, then you will BE good with money.

Push those negative thoughts out of your head and create the money mindset that you want.  Achieve your dreams.



4 thoughts on “10 Best Tips to Master a Money Mindset”

  1. I have a hard time forgiving myself for my money mistakes of the past. But they are in the past. Now I have to go forward. In the future I am smarter. I can be smarter.

  2. I can do this! Thank you for your support. I’ll prove it to myself that I’m capable of doing anything. The money mistakes I made, belong to the past. I’ll start from today.

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