How To Be Ready For Christmas By December First!

Do you ever wonder why there’s some people who seem to have it all together around the holidays?

~They always have the best and most Pinterest worthy teacher gifts.

~Their home is House Beautiful magazine cover Christmas edition worthy.

~They are posting the most delicious Christmas Cookies on Instagram so delicious you can smell them.

Even you know in the back of your mind that Christmas is coming (it’s the SAME DAY EVERY YEAR) yet you always feel stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated as it inches closer and closer…

You’ve tried to start earlier and chatted with friends, even ordered all gifts from Amazon Prime but you still find yourself overwhelmed and rushing to get everything done.  How many things have you felt bad about because you just never got to it?

Well, I’m here to tell you…It’s NOT Your Fault!

We both know you’re trying your best but it’s so hard to stay so holly and jolly with those Christmas Cards you can’t find, the outside lights that don’t work,  and a last minute Thanksgiving menu change for your now vegan cousin.

You’re busy and you have a lot of stuff going on in your life. Nobody has time for all of that!  

There’s a better way to get things done, stay on budget, and enjoy the holidays and it won’t blow that budget.

There’s a better plan.

One that will get you through the Christmas Season without going into debt and then spending the next year paying off those credit cards.

Let me help you tweak your holiday organizing plan.

You need a plan that’s motivating enough to keep you focused and on track (for the entire holiday season) created by someone who gets you and understands your life. 

 As a mom of three grown boys, an awesome daughter in law and the most beautiful baby granddaughter you’ve ever seen, I feel your pain, my friend.  

Which is why I am here to offer you a digital hand for the holidays.


How To Be Ready For Christmas By December First!

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Using this planner will help you DOMINATE this season and make your friends envious of your organization.

Avoid the last minute rush, the angry crowds, and the messy toy department by having everything done by December 1.

Feel Like A Christmas Rockstar!


{What’s Included}

This Holiday Planner is everything you need to complete all holiday prep in 8 weeks and be

100% ready for Christmas by December 1!

Includes a plan for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s! Chose your favorite to print out.

Also, a detailed Christmas budget to guide you toward NOT overspending and doing

The Holidays The DEBT FREE Way!



8 Weeks of Detailed To-Do Lists

Budget Forms

Bucket List

Holiday Home Tidy Assignments

2 Sheets of Tags

Gift Lists

Meal Plans For ALL Holidays

Two Different Styles


Calendars for the 4 Month Holiday Season



Let this be the very first step you take to be organized, less stressed and ready for the holiday season.  Say goodbye to that frazzled anxious Scrooge and hello to a debt free, cookie baking, smiling Christmas elf that deep down, you really want to be.

This exclusive offer’s over 55% off the regular price offered to only you.  Nobody else who comes to the shop will get this deal.

Grab it now before the holidays sneak up on you again and you find yourself in the same place you were in years past.