54 Things to Stop Buying and Ways to Save Money

When you don't have extra money, and you have financial goals, finding ways to trim the edges are important.

Most of the time, you're paying for convenience, but if you can catch a few extra minutes in your day to make saving money a priority, these tips will do just that.

Use a drip coffee maker with a timer instead of expensive k cups.  You could even stick with the single-serve and refill it.


You could go through the process of canning pickles to make them shelf-stable but refrigerator pickles are super easy.


Make your own convenience foods.  Find copy cats of your favorites and freeze them for pennies on the dollar.  They are healthier, too!


Just about any form of pizza is cheaper than delivery.  Whether you buy frozen or make your own from scratch, skipping delivery will save money.


Making your own yogurt is so much less expensive than buying the little cups.  The flavor possibilities are endless.


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