Master Your Money Mindset and Make More Money

Money mindset seems to be one of those popular fad buzzwords of the 21st century.  But there is some substance to it. There is such an emotional charge to the topic of money.

People’s relationship with money can vary, but many times it carries with it strong emotions. Rich people are selfish, evil, or crooked.  Money is the root of all evil. I will never be rich.

What is a Money Mindset? A money mindset is your attitude and beliefs about money.  It controls how you handle personal finance and guides you in making every single financial decision you make.

How to Change Your Money Mindset

Because beliefs are only thoughts that you think over and over, training yourself to think different thoughts can change your life. Deciding on the person you want to be. Creating new habits around money can bring those concepts to fruition.

Creating a new money mindset is just creating a new habit. Merely being conscious of the new practice that you would like to form and attaching it to an existing habit.

Understand Your Relationship With Money

Be Aware of Your Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are simply the ideas you have in your head from WAY back.  They could be from your parents and the ways they communicated about money.

Forgive yourself for past money mistakes.

I think this one is the most difficult.  Nobody is perfect, right? So, maybe you got in too deep and had to file bankruptcy, or your car was repossessed. Stuff happens, and forgiving yourself for those incidences is so vital to changing that money mindset.

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