How to Make More Money Legitimately

There are so many ways to make more money legitimately – some right from your living room and others outside your space.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

The most amazing cookies sugar cookies you have ever had come from a lady who does it for fun as a side hustle.  She gets $25 per dozen for these cookies.  It comes on a beautiful display plate and they are both delicious and gorgeous!

Good Debt vs Bad Debt


My friend Becky has an embroidery machine.  I have had her personalize quite a few things for me.  Including baby blankets and bibs.  She has also made large gift bags and stockings recently.

Alterations, Sewing, And Embroidery

f you are a lover of the written word, consider writing for someone else.  There are websites that you can become members of to help you get work.

Freelance Writer

The majority of administrative work can be done from home.  There are so many online businesses out there that are looking for a hand with those administrative tasks.

Virtual Assistant

The same thought process as above, really.  Sell your clothes and then look for lots of designer clothes online and sell them to online consignment shops or shops in your area.

Sell Clothes

If you have an education in something like English or math, tutoring students after school would be an option.  You don’t need a degree in education, you just need to know what you are doing.



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