How to Live on Last Month’s Income: Simple Steps

This budgeting strategy of paying your bills a month ahead of time will give you a comfortable cushion by saving money, then reorienting your budget so that you live on last month’s income.

There are many different strategies that can help you create and live within a budget. I’ve shared how to create a zero-based budget, how to use a cashless envelope system, and the 30-day rule for saving money among many others.

Have an emergency fund This is such an important part of any type of budget. No matter which technique you choose. Stuff will happen and protecting the money allocated for a specific purpose is the key to making it all work.

Get current on all bills

Cut back on all unnecessary spending in order to catch up and get current. Eat at home and shop your pantry, freezer, and cupboards before spending a the grocery store. Cut out entertainment for a month, ditch pricey things that don’t serve your values.

Take the right steps to create a budget. Do the work to prepare and be intentional with where you spend your money. Show where your values lie with your proposed spending.

Create a budget

Why should I live on last month’s income?

The gap beneath doors can be a major source of hot or cold air coming into your home. There are a couple of different types of draft-stopping products that will keep the air out and your heating/cooling bills lower.

Living on last month’s income will:

Help you stay on budget Getting positioned to live on last month’s income will require you to a) have a well-honed budget b) stick to that budget.

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