How to Become a Millionaire With Only $200 a Month.

The idea of becoming a millionaire launches hundreds of businesses a year and sells a lot of lottery tickets but can you become a millionaire with only $200 a month?

When your day-to-day reality includes bills, taxes, and more taxes the dream of becoming a millionaire might feel out of your reach.

6 steps to become a millionaire Becoming a millionaire is more about discipline and good decision-making than anything else. It is extremely important to keep your goal in mind all the way through the process and to let that goal guide your day-to-day spending decisions

1. Create and stick to a budget

Budgeting is probably the most important step towards becoming a millionaire. In order to build wealth, you have to be disciplined in your spending AND saving. Sticking to a budget will free up money that you can then use to its full potential.

Expose them to positive money habits. Show them how to save, spend and donate. Read them books about making and managing money. You can teach your children by example to have a better relationship than maybe you were taught to change their adult lives completely.

2. Become debt free

3. Choose one (or more!) investment strategies

Investments are the most effective way to make your money work for you. The dilemma for most people is which one to choose. What you must remember is that any (relatively) safe investment is better than no investment.

4. Invest regularly

Consistently choosing to invest your money will be key in your quest to become a millionaire. Even if you are only able to put $20 each paycheck towards reaching your goal, that consistency will play a big part in growing your wealth.

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