How to be the Best Frugal Living Mom

Whether you are looking to be a stay at home mom, cut back to get out of debt, or just save some money, these tips will help you meet those goals and be the best frugal living mom you can be.

If you’ve decided to make some big life changes, there are a few prerequisites that as a financial coach I think you should have in place. Some of these may be the goals you are looking to complete with your new frugal rules.

The Budget I love my budget. I love that it helps me prepare for every expense. There’s no anxiety or guessing. I know that we will have money for dog food and that there’s a sinking fund for Christmas. I like knowing when the electric bill is due and that its been paid.

Emergency Fund

Preparing for change is important. Allowing yourself the security of an emergency cushion will help you focus on the task at hand. But things will go wrong. It will rain. Make sure you’re prepared for that.

The strength to teach your children to be happy with less material things because the payoff is so much greater. As the only child of a mom who worked most of her life, I remember feeling envious of others whose moms were home.



If they aren’t used to this new frugal living mom, then you’ll need patience. Nobody likes change. Especially when they’ve got everything they want. Nobody likes to be denied the luxuries they already have.

What Does a Frugal Living Mom Look Like?

The frugal mom understands and teaches about limits and knows there are bigger goals out there. She sees that being with her family is so much more important than the newest gadget that needs to go on a credit card because there’s no money to actually pay for it.

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