Hacks to Pay Off Debt and Live a Great Life

One of the hardest things you’ll have to do when you’re getting serious with your finances is to face the facts. The way you’ve been living isn’t sustainable and has to be changed.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Really. This is the big one. I know it sounds cliche and cheesy but if you fail to plan then plan to fail. Having a budget allows you to spend on the things you find most important.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Create a budget

The most powerful tool you have for paying off debt and still enjoying life is a positive mindset. Instead of focusing on all of the things you CAN’T have or do while paying off debt, it is time to turn your thoughts to all of the positive things that will happen when you are debt-free.

Reset your mindset

Setting big financial goals can be that spoonful of sweetness that will help you get through this harder time of living frugally and paying off debt.

Choose big financial goals

These rewards don’t have to be huge in order to make you feel good. Even something as simple as dinner out or a new book can be immensely gratifying.

Reward yourself for reaching smaller goals

Sometimes we are nervous or embarrassed to tell people our debt situation…but it is a good idea to tell your close friends and family what you are working towards without getting super-specific.

Tell friends and family about your goals

Having the support of people with similar financial goals and challenges is another way to make life more enjoyable as you work to get out of debt.

Find a group of people with similar goals


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