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Frugal Lessons From The Informative Tightwad Gazette

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It is 927 pages of comprehensive conversation about every topic you could imagine!  In an age when someone can find a quick answer to any question, why would you need a book published in 1998?  And what would it teach you?  There are so many frugal lessons from the Tightwad Gazette!

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Amy Dacyczyn started a newsletter in 1990 sharing her frugal tips and “Promoting thrift as a viable alternative lifestyle.”  After years of snail mail, she turned the newsletters into three books and later one large 927-page book!  I borrowed it from the library many times until I found it at a yard sale.  Amy would be proud!!

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Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Whether it be dryer lint to make fire starters or saving clothes from your older child to pass down to the younger one,  don’t just discard it because you are tired of it or it’s broken.  Make sure you can’t use it for something or pass it to someone else in the family.  Then, make sure you can’t repurpose it.

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Be happy with where you are.  Do you NEED the latest iPhone?  Why would you want to spend $1,000 on an iPhone X when the six is still working great with no issues?  Like my Mama always said, “Just because all your friends jump off the bridge, does that mean you need to also?”  Think smart.  Remember your life goals.

Choose financial contentment.

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A package of Oreo cookies will cost you three dollars for 24 small (regular not double stuff) cookies.  You can make cookies for a fraction of that cost!  Granola bars are the same!  Brownies, cakes, and those little pudding cups can be made for pennies.  Take a look at my post about snacks from scratch for recipes

Make snacks and cookies from scratch.

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The flexible casserole. This might be my favorite lesson.  I have been making this since I first read this book about the year 2000.  It is by far one of my husband’s very favorite meals, and it doesn’t matter what I put into it.  As long as it is creamy and cheesy, he is sold.  You can easily convert this into many dietary needs.  I have even adapted this to Keto!

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