35 Cheap and Easy Lunch Ideas To Do This Year to Save Money

It’s no secret that living costs have increased in recent years. And while it may be tempting to eat out every day, doing so can quickly drain your wallet.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

How To Save Money By Taking Your Lunch: - Plan ahead - Use leftovers - Pack a sandwich  - Try a quick and easy soup - Don't forget the fruits and vegetables  - Skip the meat

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

This flavorful soup has been a favorite for centuries and is loaded with cheap, canned vegetables, beans, and pasta. Easy to prepare and frugal, it’s perfect for lunches; the great thing about this soup is that it also freezes well.

Minestrone Soup

I’m a fan of this white chicken chili. It’s a different spin on traditional chili and can be made more frugal by limiting the chicken, adding more beans, or even using canned chicken. I also like to “beef it up” and use it with any leftover veggies or a bag of frozen mixed vegetables.

White Chicken Chili

Adding a block of cream cheese instead of heavy cream will lower the costs of this soup. And adding pasta and leftover chicken, and a bag of mixed veggies can give you a great soup on the cheap.

Creamy Chicken and Pasta Soup

You can use this as a main salad dish, as quinoa has some protein, too. Or you can use it as a side for your sandwich.

Quinoa And Cabbage Salad

It makes me feel like I’m ordering out, but I made them super simple and saved a bunch of money. Add the seasonings and favorite veggies to this bowl to make it healthy.

Asian Noodle Bowl


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