30 Best Baby Shower Foods On A Budget

Baby showers are amazing! But throwing a fun baby shower doesn’t mean spending all your money and going broke. You can have an outstanding party within your small budget if you plan it strategically and mindfully.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Budget-friendly food ideas don’t need to be cheap at all. You can celebrate this big day of yours with joy and enthusiasm, and your guests will surely be impressed with the baby shower food you serve at the party.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

The delicate floral scent of rose-scented shortbread is perfect for enjoying with your favorite tea. The simplicity of ingredients makes it hard to resist — just flour, butter, and sugar come together to create melt-in-mouth cookie perfection!

Rose Scented Shortbread

These easy, vegan lemon bars are entirely gluten-free and eggless! This healthier recipe requires only four ingredients to make a tangy shortbread crust layered with delicious citrus curd filling.

Vegan Lemon Bars

This delicious Peach Punch is a perfect drink for gender-neutral celebrations. This recipe isn’t only refreshing; it’s downright delectable as well!

Perfect Peach Punch

If you are looking for an easy appetizer with a twist, these Polenta Bites With Apple And Gorgonzola are going to be perfect for a baby shower. They are inexpensive to make for a group and anyone can prepare them.

Apple Polenta Bites

These vegan jalapeno poppers use simple vegan ingredient swaps to make this delicious vegan party food/appetizer with just four ingredients.

Vegan Jalapeno Poppers


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