What Is Reverse Meal Planning And Will It Save Money?

I am a huge advocate of meal planning.  Who am I kidding?  I am a massive advocate of PLANNING.  So meal planning always came easy to me.  So when I came across the term reverse meal planning, I was intrigued.

I had never heard the phrase before and found myself (with a little googling) falling down a rabbit hole. Shortly after realizing what it was, I discovered this is what I do most weeks.  It is also called backward meal planning.  You start with what you have and work backward to the meal.

Meal planning is simply a way for you to plan out what you are going to eat ahead of time to avoid the business and indecisiveness of not knowing at mealtime.  It’s a way to have control over the chaos.

What Is Regular Meal Planning?

By planning out your actual meal plan and then your list, you will save money.  It’s a given.  You will not be wandering through the grocery store all willy-nilly trying to come up with things you might need.

Saves Money

Planning your meals and using what you buy is a crucial function of meal planning. So, if you are buying a large package of ground beef, you know that some of that will be for tacos, some for meatloaf, and some for hot meatball sammies.  And you know which days those will happen.  So none of that meat is going to be wasted.

Saves Food Wastes

Mealtime anxiety is a thing, guys.  When you have no plan for dinner, and nothing has been taken out of the freezer, you feel it.  Standing in front of the open refrigerator with zero ideas hurts your head, heart, and stomach.

Reduces Stress

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