The Secret to Getting a Cheap Vacation this Year

While it's not summer yet, you can still plan ahead for your summer vacation. There are ways to go on a cheap vacation.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

More than likely, gas costs will be cheaper than airline tickets. Find a destination that you can drive to!

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

I know, who wants to cook while on vacation.  I know I sure don’t buy if you can make breakfast – (cereal, muffins, microwave egg sammies, juice, and coffee) and lunch (sandwiches, chips, salads, and fruit) then you can save $100 a day!

Get a room with a kitchen

If you don’t mind a longer walk or drive to the beach doesn’t matter to you; opt to stay a few blocks from the prime location.  You will save more money and get a little exercise, also!

Take four steps back

My friend Ilana over at Life Well Cruised writes about cruising (I bet you guessed that!) and she hs found some fantastic deals on cruises.

Look For Deals

We like to eat one nice dinner while we are out, but most nights, we will grab less costly options.  There is one place that we love.  It’s a food trailer that has excellent Lobster Rolls, and the chowder is incredible too!!

Don’t go to the most expensive restaurants

Sometimes, family-owned is better!!!  Check into it, and don’t be afraid to ask for a discount if you are AAA, military, senior citizen, or even a teacher.  You never know!

Go for family-owned


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