Super Cheap Summer Meals on a Budget Story

Summer is a time for being busy, enjoying the sunshine, and staying cool.  The last thing you want to do is spend all your fun money on food that heats up your kitchen.

Many of these cheap summer meals utilize appliances like outside grills, crock pots, and Instant Pots.

I was boiling pasta for a macaroni salad last week and it raised the temperature in the house an extra 4 degrees on an already hot day.

The Instant Pot For Summer Cooking Because the instant pot cooks things in record time, it will not give off the amount of heat that an oven would.  Imagine pot roast in the oven for hours?  That would be torture!  In an Instant Pot, you could have the same in under 30 minutes!

I have cooked a turkey in July and my electric roaster even works great for baking! Cakes, banana bread, and brownies have been baked outside in this cooker.

Roasting Cooker To Keep Your House Cool

Grilling Is Made For Summer Who doesn’t love to grill?!? We just built phase one of our outside kitchen.  And we are buying these countertop propane components for that.

Everyone is always looking for another way to use ground beef.  When you can get it on sale, stock up because it’s so versatile and a slice of perfect meat to grill.

Beef Recipes Perfect For Summer

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