The Best Savings At Aldi: 5 Tips You MUST Know!

There are so many reasons Aldi is a favorite. From saving at Aldi to my favorite things to buy and even the great meal plans,  I would like to share with you all the reasons I love shopping there!!

The prices at this national grocery chain cannot be beat.  I've done the math.  Here are 5 of the best tips for shopping at Aldi.

Get to know the store.  Most of the storeshave a similar layout and flow.  There are just a handful of people working there, and you are doing the majority of the work yourself.


The quarter is to rent the cart.  You get it back at the end of your experience.  The bags are needed for your groceries.  You have to bag them yourself.


Most stores are much smaller than the average grocery store.  This means that when it's a busy time of day, it will get real crowded, real fast.  Shop wisely.


There are very few name-brand items.  Most are their brand which will give you the saving at Aldi that you are there for in the first place.  I suggest buying and experimenting with some of the brands and choices.


 All groceries are taken out of your cart and put on the belt by you.  They are scanned and placed into an empty cart by the cashier. Then you pay and take your groceries to the counter to bag yourself.


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