How Warehouse Stores May Blow Your Mind And Save Your Cash! Story

My mom told me that she would never pay a membership to shop at a store.  Why pay $50 a year for that “privilege” when I can get deals just as good at other stores?  It’s a good point.  So, is the cost of membership to warehouse stores like BJ’s, Sam’s Club and Costco worth it?

I live in a house with a husband, two boys (now men, really) and a dog.  We go through a pretty decent amount of food.  My BJ’s membership is shared with a friend.  We each get a card and split the $55 fee.

Why I Shop At Warehouse Stores

Refunds for Warehouse Memberships

I do not have Sam’s Club or Costco within an hours drive from me, but I had thought about taking the hours drive to Sam’s Club to check it out.  It might be worth it for me if I can get bulk items at a lesser price than Walmart.  I shop at Walmart once per quarter to get the couple things I like there.

My cousin Mike is a single guy.  He buys all his food at warehouse stores, and he says he has done the math and can’t beat the prices.  And nothing ever goes to waste.

Costco For Singles, Couples And Small Families

Here are the items that I buy at BJ’s: – Peanut butter.  Twin packs of Skippy Natural – Jam.  Twin packs of organic strawberry jam.

The Best Buys At BJ’s

– Fresh spinach or mixed greens.  We love greens for salads or in our eggs, so we buy the big one.  It lasts typically two weeks, but if it stars getting less than stellar, I will put it in a bag in the freezer and add it to something else. – Deli Meat and Cheese.  You can’t beat the price for Applegate Farms nitrate free deli meats.  Best price around!

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