How To Manage Money As A Couple To Avoid Crisis

 You have decided that you will no longer spend money like to are a bazillionaire and you have been on the internet researching how to start a budget.  But your husband wants nothing to do with it.  Where do you go from there?  How do you manage money as a couple?

Americans are in massive debt.  Many feel they are making way to much money to be so dang broke.  There has to be a meeting ground within your relationship.  Money is one of the leading causes of divorce and the main reason for fighting and resentment.

When you are in a committed relationship, whether married or living under the same roof, finances are a pretty important part of that relationship.  How to manage money should come up – preferably BEFORE moving in together.  How should couples manage money?

Combining Finances Is Personal

Separate accounts come up regularly if both people already have a job where paychecks are automatically deposited.  At that point, each person may be responsible for their debt.  Bills may be assigned individually.

Separate Bank Accounts

Combining bank accounts into one joint bank account strengthens the relationship and shows the commitment each has to the other person.  There is a tremendous amount of dedication to opening up 100% all your deepest darkest money secrets and knowing that you will have to work together to fulfill your financial goals.

Joint Bank Account

According to the top expert in debt elimination, the more massive the debt, the more a couple fights about money.  Those who talk about money are more apt to say they have a great marriage and know how to manage money as a couple.

Does Money Matter In A Relationship?

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