How To Manage Money As A Couple To Avoid Crisis

You have decided to get your finances on track, and you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck.  You have decided that you will no longer spend money like to are a bazillionaire and you have been on the internet researching how to start a budget.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

When you are in a committed relationship, whether married or living under the same roof, finances are a pretty important part of that relationship.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Combining Finances Is Personal

Separate accounts come up regularly if both people already have a job where paychecks are automatically deposited.  At that point, each person may be responsible for their debt.  Bills may be assigned individually.

Separate Bank Accounts

Combining bank accounts into one joint bank account strengthens the relationship and shows the commitment each has to the other person.

Joint Bank Account

Have a conversation about money fears as well as past money mistakes, beliefs, concerns, and goals.  Break it down and chat about short term and long term financial goals.

How Do Couples Deal With Finances?

It doesn’t have to be formal.  You can go out for coffee or sit at home.  You can be riding in the car or having dinner.  Just open up the conversation to what your dreams of the future look like.

Plan A Money Date

Whichever person is the nerd needs to do some research and figure out the type of budget works best.  Who will take the lead and how do they work best.

How Do You Talk About A Budget?


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