How To Build Your Best Vacation Packing List

Finding the best vacation package your money can buy is even more important than ever. Most Americans put in hundreds of work hours during the year to pay for a vacation and accrue enough time off to take a much-needed break from work.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

When making your vacation packing list, you will want to consider several factors, including whether you will be traveling in the U.S. or abroad, the length of time you will be traveling, and the climate of your destination.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Clothing is often the first thing that comes to mind when packing for a trip. Ideally, you will want to pack one casual outfit per day of travel unless you have access to laundry facilities.


Wearing the proper shoes when you are on vacation is incredibly important. Nothing can ruin a trip faster than blisters and sore feet. Be sure you pack comfortable shoes if you will be sightseeing and walking during your travels.


The perfect accessories aren’t just crucial for looking good when on vacation. The accessories you choose can mean the difference between being comfortable and cold, wet, or sunburned while traveling.


Your hotel may provide certain toiletries for your use, which means fewer items to fit in your suitcase. Find out which toiletries are provided by doing your research before packing.

Toiletries & Personal Care

The following travel essentials are arguably the most important items to remember to pack. You will want to gather all of your necessary travel documents and keep them where you won’t forget them.

Travel Documents


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