How to be the Best Frugal Living Mom

Whether you are looking to be a stay at home mom, cut back to get out of debt, or just save some money, these tips will help you meet those goals and be the best frugal living mom you can be.

The budget is a great tool to not only tell you where your going to spend your money but also the place where you can find the areas of overspending.

Preparing for change is important. Allowing yourself the security of an emergency cushion will help you focus on the task at hand. But things will go wrong. It will rain. Make sure you’re prepared for that.

Emergency Fund


The strength to teach your children to be happy with less material things because the payoff is so much greater.

If they aren’t used to this new frugal living mom, then you’ll need patience. Nobody likes change. Especially when they’ve got everything they want. Nobody likes to be denied the luxuries they already have.


What Does a Frugal Living Mom Look Like?

I’ve put some deep thought into this. I think its important to understand that When you picture a frugal mom, she’s not stressed about money. She’s firm in the budgeting rules that are in place (whether on her own or with a partner).

Teaching from a place of abundance and not a place of lack.

Children learn so much from us and a money mindset is no different. If they constantly hear, “We don’t have enough money” or listen in on money fights, it will engrave those beliefs and paradigms in their mind.


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