How Can First-Time Moms Save Money in 2023

Are you a first time mom? Congratulations! You’re about to embark on one of the most amazing journeys of your life, and it’s a perfect time for first time moms to save money.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

We know that every penny counts when you’re a new mom, so we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you save money.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Raising a child is not easy, physically, emotionally, or financially. The estimated cost of raising a child from birth to age 17 has risen to over $300,000, or about $18,000 per year.

Take Inventory of Your Current Expenses

Not only health insurance but also life insurance. Looking into a low-cost term life insurance policy to care for your child if something happens to you is a responsible choice.

Consider Insurance

Hospital bills are among the most common ways first-time mothers rack up debt. It’s important to be mindful of childbirth’s medical costs and plan as best as possible.

Be Mindful of Medical Costs

First time moms may be able to save money by working to pay off debt as much as possible. This may include student loans, debt from credit cards, and any other type of payments owed.

Pay Off Debt As Much As Possible

If you have friends or family members with young children, you can ask if they have any gear that they no longer need and would be willing to part with.

Ask for Hand-Me-Downs


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