5 Frugal Self Care Ideas Perfect For Mother's Day

Stress directly affects the body and mind and can cause headaches and exhaustion, but some believe it can also cause weight gain, muscle and joint aches, and diseases.  Self-care can help.

Whether you are working a deadline at work, taking care of littles, dealing with an aging parent or grandparent, or getting out of debt. Here are some frugal ideas:

My very favorite is a couple of hours at home with nobody around but a good book and a cup of coffee.  De-stressed and blissful.

Book and Coffee

If you can find water and sit for a while, you will feel renewed mind, body, and spirit.

Quiet and Water

Need to escape for a few hours?  Grab a Grande Soy Latte and spend some time running your fingers through the books.

Coffee Out

Have lunch with someone who renews your spirit and gives you faith in humanity.  Think about the kindest person you know and ask them to meet for lunch.

Meal With Friends

It is beautiful to get outside when you feel stressed or anxious and breathe the outside air.  Take an audiobook (rented from the library), a podcast, some music, or nothing and lose yourself for a bit.

Take  A Walk

Taking some time for self-care is essential no matter what stage of life you are in and what challenges you have ahead of you.  Self-care will help you create a state of wellness for yourself this Mother's Day

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