Different Ways to Save Money on Organic Foods

I have been an advocate for eating as many organic foods as you possibly can afford.  I believe it is not only better for your body; it is better for the environment.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

But let’s face it, organic food is not cheap.  I have seen the prices of many organic products come down in price as they are more widely sold, but their counter products can still be purchased for less.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

The word organic refers to how the product is grown and produced. Organic produce must be grown with natural fertilizers like manure and not synthetic or chemical fertilizers.

Why eat organic food?

These foods do not contain any of the chemicals and toxins that are unhealthy for humans to consume.  Studies have shown that certain cancers have a direct link to pesticides.

Benefits of organic food

These make sense given that we eat the skins or outside flesh of these foods.  I link all berries in with strawberries.  I also relate all vegetables that grow underground in with potatoes.

Dirty Dozen

Use your best judgment on these.  If you find that organic broccoli is 7 cents higher than conventional, it might be worth it to vote with your dollars and purchase the organic version.

Clean 15

Saving a few bucks in other areas of your grocery budget may allow you the extra money you need to buy organic.  This all comes down to planning.

Coming up with extra money for organic food


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