Dave Ramsey’s Recommended Percentages for Today’s Budgeting Households

Mr. Ramsey’s thoughts and teachings about debt and personal finance hold a lot of controversies.

Specifically, Dave Ramsey’s recommended percentages for budgeting.

He has been helping thousands of people get out of debt for decades now yet some feel his theories are not quite modern enough for today’s society.

How to Budget Like Dave Ramsey

Even though you may not be Dave’s biggest fan, his program works. Everyone needs a budget. And Dave has set up a foolproof program to help you get started. So…let’s get started and learn how to budget like Dave Ramsey.

Giving Dave believes that before anything else, you give. If you are not a church-going person, you can give to charities or put this toward something else that might need more of your salary.


Savings needs to happen. Whether you are saving for retirement, a new car, an emergency fund, or Christmas, we all need to save.


The housing category not only covers rent or mortgage, but it also covers all decor items and repairs to where you live.

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