37 Cheap Groceries to Buy When You're Broke

Food is the one day-to-day financial decision that can make or break a budget.  It's a necessity for life yet can cost a fortune if you let it.

When you're broke or just watching your spending, it's also the one area where you have the most flexibility.

There is a way to cut back on your budget without sacrificing too much. But it will require a plan and some mad skills. Look for cheap foods to buy at the grocery store.

The great thing (besides the price) about pasta is how versatile it can be.  You can top with sauce, cheese, or butter.  Make it a main dish or a side dish.

Boxed macaroni and cheese is a great lunch or side dish.  Adding some spices or some extra cheese can make all the difference.

The perfect food.  At less than ten cents per serving, eggs are great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and baking.   You can't "beat" an egg salad sandwich on homemade bread!

Decreasing your grocery budget would be a great way to catch up on bills if you are behind.  It’s also an excellent way to kick start that emergency fund that you’ve been avoiding.

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