Can You Be Fired After Announcing Your Retirement?

While it’s not common, there are several cases where employees have been fired after announcing their retirement. That is usually because the company fears employees will start working less once they retire.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

If you’re considering retiring, it’s essential to understand your rights and what you can expect from your employer.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Notifying your employer is highly recommended if you plan on having an early retirement. No legal requirements exist for how much notice or time a company needs before an employee retires, but some companies demand that employees specify a retirement date.

Does Retiring Require a Notice Period?

Unfortunately, losing your job is possible even if you’ve already given a retirement notice.

Can Your Retirement Cause You To Lose Your Job?

Although mandatory retirement is illegal, your chances are pretty high. A 24-year study by ProPublica and the Urban Institute found that roughly 56% of workers over 50 experience at least one termination.

How Likely Is It That You Will Be Fired After Announcing Your Retirement?

Notifying your employer of your intention to retire two to three months in advance is suggested.

To Protect Yourself From Getting Fired Before Retirement: Avoid Announcing Your Retirement Too Far in Advance

Having your retirement plans documented in writing shows that you have given proper notice.

Give a Formal Retirement Announcement in Writing


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