Allowance Alternatives To Teach Kids About Money

Are you considering taking a road trip with your kids this summer? There’s nothing better than hitting the open road with your family. Summer is a great time to get out there and explore new places. Road trips can be fun, but it’s essential to plan a road trip ahead of time, so everything goes smoothly.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Too often, parents become wrapped up in wanting to give everything to their children. While it isn’t wrong to like to provide your children with a small amount of money to buy something they will enjoy, there is a risk of potentially creating unnecessary behavioral hardship.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

The Problem With Giving Kids A Weekly Allowance

Paying your children for doing chores helps reward them for working hard. There are many age-appropriate chores kids can do around the house or homestead.

Teach Kids To Earn Money Through Hard Work

Entrepreneurs hold a standing belief that states, “if you want to make more money, help more people.” Teaching your kids while they’re young to help other people is essential to develop them into valued members of society.

Teach Kids To Earn Money By Helping Others

A common way for parents to provide an allowance based on academic accomplishments

Teach Kids To Earn Money Through Academic Accomplishments

A more creative alternative allowance method is to pay your child to read books. You could offer them $5-10 for every nonfiction, finance, business, trade skill, or personal development book they read in addition to their school curriculum requirements.

Teach Kids To Earn Money With Reading Rewards

If you have a business, there are many ways your child can help you with age-appropriate business activities, whether it’s helping with accounting, stock, customer service, typing, organizing, mail responsibilities, or creating products.

Teach Kids To Earn Money Through Business Ventures


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