65 Tips To Save Money On Groceries Without Using Coupons

We all know that food is our biggest expense behind housing in most households.  It is also the best place to reduce spending with the most flexibility.  Here are more than 60 ways I have found to reduce your spending and save on groceries.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

When it comes to frugal living, groceries are the most flexible spending category we have in our budget. Although coupons can help save money, it requires a lot of time and a lot of running from store to store.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Not only is it more expensive, you never know the effects boxed mac and cheese can have on your body. Many times those prepackaged foods can be made from scratch for less money and in the same amount of time.

Do not buy prepackaged foods

Each store has its sale cycles. Chicken could go on sale every third Sunday of the month or ‘buy one get one free’ bread every six weeks. Chat with the sore employees and see if they will disclose this top-secret information to you.  Take note and plan accordingly!

Know the sale cycles

I think just about every grocery store has a loyalty card these days.  They may give you points for shopping there or allow you the fantastic sales they offer only with their card. Many allow you to punch in your phone number rather than carry those keychain cards with you, making life that much easier.

Sign up for loyalty cards

Buying in bulk can be a real money saver. Just remember to do your math first and decide whether you will be able to finish it before it goes bad. Buying fresh berries in bulk won’t save you any money if you have to throw three-quarters of them away because they all grew fuzzy winter coats.  Throwing items away will not help to save on groceries.

Buy in bulk

This is something that is pretty new in our area.  We are able to make out our order online and then pick up our groceries. Many people love this idea and it is a real time saver.  It will also keep you out of the store so you don’t browse around.

Shop Online


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