17 Frugal Life Hacks To Buy Now and Save Later

More than just some people like to save money.  But what does it mean to save money around your house?  Does it always suggest buying the cheapest items?  What if I could give you some great frugal life hacks that could save you money in the long run.

Spending more money up front to save money later is a concept I get on board with.  I prefer good quality that will last a long time rather than have to replace something when it breaks, wears out, or gets dirty.

According to Popular Mechanics, LED lightbulbs last five times longer than a conventional light bulb and use a fraction of the electricity.  These lightbulbs have come down in price DRASTICALLY since they first came out.

Led light bulbs

A while back, I did a little experiment with towels and dryer balls.  I washed a load of 12 towels and separated them into two groups.  I put six in with the dryer balls and six without. The ones WITH the dryer balls dried 10 minutes faster than the ones without.

Dryer balls

I have been getting Misfits fruits and veggies delivered to my house twice a month. If you haven’t heard about Misfits (here is my link for a coupon), they are a company who deliver imperfect organic fruits and veggies to your door.

Produce fresh bags

A low flow showerhead is going to save you money not only on your water bill but also on your HOT WATER bill.  The trick is to do some reading to see which shower head still has some decent water pressure.

Low flow shower head

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