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Have you ever forgotten to pay a bill and they charged you a late fee?  Ugh.  Hate when that happens!!  I have the PERFECT solution!!!

The majority of the time I have a LOT going on in my head.  A bit like too many tabs open on your laptop.  Yup.  That is my brain.  I just can’t remember everything.  So… I need a safe place to put all the household things.  Specifically, all the really important household things that keep this place running.

I admit it.  I have an obsession with it.  And since this Spending Freeze started, It has only gotten worse.  Or better, if you want to think ‘glass half full’!!  It’s my Budget Binder.

It is where I keep track of all personal finance and I have created printables for all sorts of categories.

The Budget and all the cool details to go along with it.

I do the overall budget at the beginning of the month.  I have sheets that break down the month’s expenditures in detail – in going versus outgoing – along with when everything is due.  And then I pull out the 2-week worksheet when we (mhm…husband) get paid.  I have created this worksheet to plan out our cash for our envelopes and a place to do all the math to confirm that the numbers line up. This also helps when I go to the bank to get our cash.  I created a little slip that attaches to my withdrawal paper so the teller knows exactly what bills I need back.  They seem to really like this!

I have a sheet that I made for our savings account #2.   I nicknamed that “THE SAFE”. Sounds important and powerful, doesn’t it?  It has separate categories that I have the money broken down for.  Right now, there are four but I think I might expand that up to six or seven.

I also created an old-timey check registry.  Remember those?  That was the way to balance your checkbook before online banking and came with your check refills!  I am such a paper and pencil kind of gal that I knew bringing this back into my life would really benefit me.  And it has.  I have big concerns about my checking account somehow getting messed up and go into overdraft with a zero-based budget.  Getting hit with an overdraft fee would be the worst!!!  Been there, done that.  Not so fun.  This check registry printable really works!  Imagine?!?

I have a paper for my sinking funds – a way to save money on things you know are coming.  It gives me a place to record those balances at the end of each month. I can add or subtract the amounts as needed.  I can also reference the balances quickly at my fingertips.

I have a printable for tracking spending.  I am also doing this (a little) through this blog but I also want to get into a bit more detail. I want to have a place to go back to next year to see if we have reduced our spending on certain things.

I have sub-categories in the back that I am still working on.  I would like a section to keep track of cars, boats, and camper.  Places to record registration, inspection, and maintenance records.  That way I can refer to them and know when these things are due.  I also want a place to record our donations.  We were chatting with our tax preparer about itemizing so I thought if I kept track of the things that count toward that, whether we would be able to pursue this next year.

Are you getting your personal finances in order?  Are you the kind of person that needs a place to write it all down (aka budget) or do you think you can keep track of it all in your head? If you think you have it all in your memory, how is that working for you?  Do you know where your money is going?  I encourage you to track your spending for a week or a month and examine what it is you are spending and really find out where your money is going.blank







2 thoughts on “Budget Binder”

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    we started to budget and track for March, hopefully, will allow us to add some extra to our savings. It is less stressful when you know where your money is going

  2. blank

    I agree! But I am a total budget nerd! I think when you know where your money is going, there is a certain amount of satisfaction that you are doing a good job (at least most of the time)!!!

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