Setting Fearless Goals and Achieving Them This Year

January is about to be up. Did you accomplish some of your goals for the year yet? Setting goals point us in a direction to run toward and allows us to pay attention to where we are going.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Resolutions are too vague.  They are just ideas of what society thinks you should be doing.  Gym membership enrollments skyrocket during the first of the year, and you can’t find a treadmill at 5:30 pm!

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Here is where I like to take part in a little daydreaming.  Setting the environment up correctly to take part in a bit of daydreaming (if you haven’t done it in a while) could look like a walk or run without a podcast or music in your ears or a long shower.

The Journal Management Review in 1981 came up with the acronym S.M.A.R.T for management, but it also makes sense for goal setting.

Setting Goals And Objectives

Time to take all that daydreaming and reign it in.  What can you do this year to make your 20-year dream a reality?  It needs to be specific. A goal like “I want to pay off all consumer debt”, or  “I want to sign 250 new clients”.


Instead of “I want to lose weight,” assign the goal a number.  Five pounds a week is measurable.  Fifty pounds a year is measurable.  Breaking it down into bite-size pieces (pun intended) helps goals to seem more achievable and seeing progress assists in motivation.


A firm believer in BIG goals, over here.  But at the same time, breaking them down into bite-sized pieces makes them much more manageable and achievable. “I want to get out of debt” is HUGE!!!



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