Passive Income Ideas to Build Wealth

 Earning money while you're sleeping is incredibly appealing. But just what exactly is passive income?

For many, making money is tied to the idea that you are actively working. With passive income, there is still an investment made.

Having knowledge or skills about a specific topic, sites like Udemy or Skillshare make it incredibly easy to create, host, and sell your knowledge.

Online course

Enjoy making video content? Consider starting a youtube channel. You can earn passive money via video display ads once you meet the threshold of viewers and watch time.


If you have a home or even just a room in your home, you can list your space available for rent on Airbnb.

Rent a room

Dividends are profits paid to stock owners. However, this passive income option does not come without risk.


Passive income is money earned when completing the work upfront or with some initial investment but then continues to make money with minimal effort in the future.

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