5 Brilliant Money Secrets To Living And Saving Like The Amish

The Amish are a group of Christians that live in the United States and Canada. Their simple lifestyle allows them to save money.

Amish people tend to save money over spending money, and there is quite a bit you can learn from this mindset.  But how?

The Amish tend to save money by saving up for purchases. They are not keen on buying things right away, and they may wait a while before purchasing something that interests them.

Hold Off On Spending

Amish people can usually find great deals at their stores because one person’s loss is the other person’s gain in Amish business practices.

Look For Deals

They avoid opening credit cards and taking out private loans, they can stay relatively debt-free. Amish people do not take out loans, allowing them to stay debt-free.

Stay Debt Free

The Amish live a simple life and are masters at doing everything for themselves and teaching each person in their community the skills needed to handle certain trades.

Self Sufficiency

The Amish also save money by investing in bulk items and cooking from scratch in large batches. This reduces the overall cost of groceries over time and allows an Amish family to save money.

Bulk Cooking

The Amish make sure to emphasize saving money over spending money, and this mindset is the basis for their savings scheme.

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