Is Frugalism or Minimalism the Best for You

Living in a small house, I often have no choice about the amount of stuff I own.  My entire being lean toward frugality, and I couldn’t imagine going through life any other way.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Frugalism is the act of living one’s life in a frugal manner.  Being thrifty, economical, sparing, or prudent on purpose to live your best life.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Being able to afford food for your family might be the only reason for not spending money on cable. Other people might not spend that money because they don’t get enough value out of $120 per month.

Frugalism doesn’t mean you don’t like and appreciate high-end items.  I have a Michael Kors wallet and purse that I absolutely LOVE!  But, they came from the outlet mall, and I got them as a Christmas/Birthday gift (January Birthday up in here).

What Frugalism Is Not

It doesn’t mean you live a boring life and never have fun. It just means that you are intentional in your enjoyment.  If a vacation is what you want, then heck yes.

No Fun Allowed

Minimalism can be whatever you need for you.  It can be a capsule wardrobe instead of 2 pairs of underwear, one pair of shoes, and three t-shirts. It can be one set of 4 pots and pans instead of 12.  There are no absolute rules.

What Minimalism Is Not

As you may know, our house is small.  We chose to live in a small house, and I talk about that here.  But this means we must be minimalists. 

Minimalistic Out Of Choice Or Necessity


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