How to Cook from Scratch and Save Money

There are certain things I just do not buy.  I just don’t.  Is it because I am frugal? Or is it because I am aware of what all those ingredients are on the back of the box?

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

You can definitely save money cooking from scratch, but it is so much more than that.  It’s about putting into your body the BEST foods you can afford.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

If you chose to go the organic route, you have to cut back someplace to balance the expenses.  I offset the prices of many foods by making my own.

Brutally honest here.  Not ALL my food is made from scratch.  I do not make my bread.  We buy that.  We also purchase chips and many times french fries.  And we buy juice and cheese as well as butter.

Here are the items I usually make for each meal

Oatmeal, french toast, pancakes, yogurt and homemade granola, are all tremendously healthy ideas for breakfast.  They are cheap and healthy.  No sugary cereals.  Eggs are a staple in this house for breakfast.


To save money in our house, much of lunch food consists of leftovers.  We enjoy pretty much any leftover meat on top of a salad.  About three days ago, I made a BIG roast, and we are really enjoying that on top of a full bowl of veggies and some blue cheese dressing!


Dinner is always something I cook from scratch.  Really.  I rarely open a box for anything premade.  Randomly a box of organic mac and cheese but most of the time, we have a meat, a veggie, and a starch.



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