It is every budgeter’s dream come true…an extra paycheck!

Extra paychecks can happen for a variety of reasons, including:

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Why would you have an extra paycheck?

Additional weeks: When you are paid weekly, any month with five weeks might result in an extra paycheck.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

 Bonus:  Your company might have a profit sharing bonus (paid monthly, quarterly or yearly), or you might get a bonus for meeting a goal and/or exceptional effort.

Is an extra paycheck really EXTRA?

Well, yes and no! If you are paid a salary, you might argue that an extra paycheck isn’t unexpected money at all.

If you are new to living on a budget you might lean towards using your extra paycheck to splurge…but think about how this can help you get ahead!

How to keep a budgeting mindset with an extra paycheck

The stars have aligned and you have an extra paycheck (or two!). You’re looking at your extra paycheck with a budgeting mindset

How to Budget an Extra Paycheck

Emergency Fund

If you haven’t already done so, an extra paycheck would be an ideal tool to begin (or increase) your emergency fund.


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