How To Use Sinking Funds  And 9 Categories You Need.

Sinking funds are mini emergency funds that hold a designated amount of money for expenses you know are coming.

Sinking funds are just as significant as emergency funds.  Here are 5 Essential Sinking Fund Categories

As a renter or owner, you know that things will happen to the place where you spend most of your time.  Prepare financially by putting aside not only needs for the home but wants.


Anything that has to do with your vehicle comes out of this necessary sinking fund.  From insurance to oil changes and car washes, this is where it happens.


Having this gift fund gives me peace of mind to pick up that adorable personalized baby blanket for my friend who just had a beautiful baby girl, without taking it from the emergency fund.


It is always good to have a subcategory for miscellaneous things for kids, especially as they get older and need class rings, graduation gowns, and prom flowers!


Whether you have great insurance, mediocre insurance, or no insurance, an essential sinking fund for medical is necessary.


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