26 Smart Ways to Save Money as a Homeowner

Becoming a homeowner is exciting…and expensive. When you purchase your own home, you are responsible for many different costs. Not only your mortgage and homeowners insurance, but also utilities, upkeep, and any repairs that need to happen.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Heating and cooling costs can really add up when you own your own home. The climate where you live and how well your home was constructed can have a big impact on the cost to heat and cool your home.

Energy Saving Tips for Homeowners

As a homeowner, being as energy efficient as possible is in your best interest for keeping long-term costs lower.

Energy Saving Products and Money Saving Hacks for Homeowners

Setting up your home with reusable cleaning supplies will not only save money in the long term, it will also decrease your family’s carbon footprint.

Cleaning Supplies that will help homeowners save money

Low Flow Shower Heads These are relatively inexpensive and are easy to install. A low-flow showerhead can decrease your water use in the shower by up to 45% so they are worth the investment.

Homeowner Tips to Save Money on Water Costs

This is probably the simplest and most valuable product you can have as a homeowner. Purchase a binder or notebook and keep it in a central area.

Money Saving Tips for a New Homeowner: Maintenance Binder

Final thoughts on ways to save money as a homeowner…

Becoming a homeowner can be very daunting. Sometimes it feels like there is a constant stream of costs that are hard to track or anticipate.


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