15 Strategies to Overcome Frugal Fatigue

That feeling of exhaustion after you have been frugal for so long. The sense of dread when you have denied yourself for months at a time while focused on a bigger goal, whether that be debt freedom or just making ends meet. This is frugal fatigue and it’s a real thing.

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Frugal fatigue is the phrase coined by the burn out you feel after being frugal for long stretches at a time.

What is Frugal Fatigue?

When you are working on your frugality and not something that comes naturally, it’s stressful. The reason you have cut back on spending is that you are working on that bigger money goal.

What are the Causes of Being Too Frugal for Too Long?

Planning out where your money will go, also known as a zero-based budget, is a key to peace of mind. Knowing that all bills have been paid and a debt payoff plan has been put into action will ease financial indecisions’ stressors.

We all love instant gratification—Thats why the world wide interwebs are so popular. Have a question? Ask Alexa. Want same-day delivery? Amazon’s got you covered.

Sometimes it’s exhausting saying no all the time. “Can’t afford it,” “I don’t have the money,” or “It’s not in the budget” over and over will suck the motivation out of you super fast. Dave Ramsey talks about not going on vacation or not going out to eat until you have all debt paid off… I. Disagree.

How to Combat Frugal Fatigue?

So you want to get out of debt? You’ve gone through all the pre-steps of creating a budget, and you know how much debt you have. $62,976.21 is a LOT of money. Break it down into smaller chunks.


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