A Millionaire Daydream: Secrets Revealed

A Millionaire Daydream: Secrets Revealed


The Secret

I have a secret to tell you.  You can get become a millionaire.  But before you do that, you have to be in the right mindset.  I call it the Millionaire Daydream.

To me, the Millionaire Daydream is what I dream my life will be like when I have a net worth of a million dollars.  I can just imagine it!

I have a plan.  It is a 5-year plan to reach millionaire status.  In five years, my husband will be able to retire, my youngest will be out of college, and we will have found my oldest a home of his own.  But there are things that need to happen before that to make this successful.

I am reading two books at a time right now which is very unlike me.  I am finishing up Jen Sincero’s second book as well as studying Think and Grow Rich.

These kinds of books are all about mindset

Everything in this world is made up of energy.  From the smallest particles to the largest.  It all has power.  What if  I told you that you could create the life you want by calling on energy?  You can create your own world, your own success, and your own happiness.  Just by drawing on this energy.  Jen Sincero calls it Universal Energy and it can take the form of many concepts. It can be God or Buddha. It can be the goddess of money, or it can be physics.  Whatever you want to call it, most are in agreeance that it exists.  You just have to figure out a way to send a lot of it your way.

I also read The Millionaire Mindset and The Energy Bus which both spoke to this energy or mindset.  It is a little hokey for the realists, but the dreamers get it.  The pessimists won’t but the optimists will.

It has everything to do with how you think and how you believe

Have you ever thought about a friend that you haven’t seen in a while and all of a sudden they text you?  How about that song that just pops into your head and then its playing on the radio?  It all has to do with the energy you release to the universe.

Here is an excellent example of how this works.  I put my father’s house on the market, and I told our realtor that I was going to sell this house by fall and there were going to be multiple offers.  And guess what?  The closing on the house is in two weeks after 3 offers, and it’s cash!

When I devised this call to action from the universe, I wasn’t as specific as I should have been because one of the offers fell through the day before the closing was supposed to happen but that is fine because two weeks after that, we had another offer.

You have to do more than believe that the things you want will come to you. You have to imagine them.  Can you imagine your millionaire daydream? You have to desire them, strongly desire.  You have to live that desire every day and have the faith that these dreams will be your reality!  What do I do today to make my dream a reality?

Be grateful for the opportunities that the universe is giving you.  You can not be selfish, either.  You have to give back.  That means mentoring, volunteering, buying a stranger a cup of coffee.

I have a friend named Amy

Amy is positive, happy, grateful, a believer and she is giving.  Amy was looking for a job.  Her time had been spent raising boys while her husband served his country in the Navy but she was ready to head back into the workforce.  Now, executive and administrative jobs are not easy to come by where I live.  She applied for many jobs and went on a couple of interviews.  So got a little discouraged but she knew that it would happen for her because she desired it and was grateful for every interview.  She would message me about these jobs because she knew that I would put out all the good vibes that I could muster up for her.  I had faith that she could get the best job for her.  And she did!  Now, a few months after she has started, she is enjoying every minute of her new job.  She is on her way!

She has this job because not only did she have the skills and do a little networking but she has the belief, the desire, the faith, and the gratitude to carry it out. Call it the power of positive thinking or the law of attraction but whatever you call it, go all in.

Believe 100% that you were made for great things.  My favorite quote is “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough!!”  So, dream bigger dreams.  It is ok to want to be rich, and it is ok to say you want to be a millionaire.  The Universe won’t hear you and be able to help you if you don’t let it hear you!

Here is the secret.  You just have to believe!

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